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11 boulevard Carnot 
06400 CANNES 
Tel :  +33 (0)4 97 06 26 00 
Fax : +33 (0)4 97 06 26 01

Hotel Le Cavendish

Where friendliness meets sophistication

Just a two-minute walk from the famous Croisette and the luxury boutiques of Rue d’Antibes, the four-star Hotel Cavendish envelops its guests in the warm, refined atmosphere of early 20th century aristocracy.

The Hotel’s Belle Epoque facade and elevator, Carrare marble staircase and original parquet floors mix elegantly with its cosy, refined contemporary design, for a truly intimate stay.

With the impeccable service of a luxury hotel, the Cavendish boutique hotel and its 34 rooms have become a destination of indisputable charm.

Whether its just the two of you, you’ve come as a family or you’re here on business… discover Cannes off the beaten path!

Our Cannes Hotel guide offers 12 selected hotels where you can stay, relax and enjoy your vacation in Cannes.

We have selected exclusively for you the most relaxing and comfortable hotels in Cannes, offering high quality accommodation, based on best visitors' reviews in worldwide travel web sites.


Cannes is one of the most famous resorts of Southeastern France on the Riviera Coast. 

The beautifull old town,on the hills,overlooks the attractive new city extending along the coast.

Cannes was a small fishing village but now it is a glamorous city with broad avenues, luxury shops  and modern hotels.

Every year, in May, Cannes hosts the International film Festival. Actors, rich and famous are coming from all the world. During this festival fans can meet their favourite celebrities almost face to face!

But Cannes is more than its Film Festival! The Sandy beaches of la Croisette ,the luxury cruise boats of the Old Port, the palatial hotels, the delicious tastes of its restaurants are some of that things which make Cannes so attractive!

Cannes is a vibrant city and attracts many tourists from all the world.

Cannes hotels are famous for their style. They offer a high quality of service in order to ensure the best accommodation to their guests.

Your Cannes Hotel is waiting for you! Come and let yourself be spoilt!


Cannes Hotel
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